Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekly Wanderings Around the Beadosphere 2010!

It's about time I got back to my wanderings - 2010 should be a great year in the Beadosphere.

A Bead A Day, Lisa started the week with a gorgeous Rings & Things blog partner creation using gunmetal filigrees and crystal beads, figured out a new use for some springy wire stars and topped things off with the lovely earrings she made using those same springy wires.

Beading Arts - check her post on making polymer clay beads.

The Beading Gem's Journal is always interesting - it's always hard to pick just one or two posts, but be sure to check this one out: "Pretty in Pink" jewelry set.

BunnyBlogs - Drea asks you to do something in the fight against breast cancer.

Deez News - check out the beautiful blues in her Wearable Willow Ware post! Blue Willow is my favorite china pattern - I have everyday stoneware and fancy china in that pattern. It would be fun to have jewelry in it, too, but I don't think I'll try breaking dishes to make some anytime soon, so it would be great to make the same kind of find she did.

AJ at ErtheFae chats about her week; looks like she's busy with non-beading stuff, which is fun to read about, too. Hope she'll be sharing some new work soon!

Just A Tish made some cool items with her Rings & Things blog partner beads (one of which inspired my bracelet design), did a very informative post about garnets - you thought they only came in red? Check again! Don't miss the great gift packaging suggestion, either.

Lori Anderson over at Pretty Things shares a good cause we can support.

Silver Parrot continues to write fun posts and share her beautiful creations - check out the gorgeous blue and silver bracelet in this post (the necklace is great, too) but don't neglect the rest of the posts last week.

Willow Walker is coming out with a new collection - I'm particularly fond of these!

Here are some new blogs I've just started following - you might want to stop by and see, too.

Ahtee's blog and Just Something I've Made

Artbeads blog - Enter the $1000 sweepstakes.

The Beadin' Path - Weekly Beadditude with Dara is all about "Fantastic Collectible Vintage Beads"

Friendly Plastic - Rediscovered bits turned into beautiful necklaces

Ornamentea - Frayed ribbon necklace

Rings & Things - "Rings and Things Employees Good at Getting Hit by Cars, Missed by Buses"

SoftFlexGirl - Sara's beautiful bead embroidery

Don't see your favorite blog here? Just leave me the link in comments and I'll be sure to check them out.

Also, if you follow* this blog, you'll never miss the weekly wanderings because you forgot to check - I'll be delivered right to your reader or Blogger dashboard every day!

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Hope you have a great week - see you tomorrow!

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