Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just added two new blogs to my list The Artistic Blogger - Julie Hampton aka Hampton Designs @Hamptondesigns on Twitter. She created the graphic for my new Moo-mini cards. Beautiful art and design. May I be so bold as to say you should be following her, too? On Tuesday she posted about a very interesting marketing tool and asked "What do you think?" - go let her know!

The second new blog is Orion Designs. Vicki came and left a comment on yesterday's post and I visited her blog - it's full of great photos and posts. Like me, she also shops at The Beadin' Path - look at these lovely hammered brass and copper charm necklaces she made with some of their charms and gives insight into how she created the finish on them - wow! I also love the "you might like these stories" widget (?) she uses at the bottom of her posts.

Shoozles is having a Wear Your Art event today. Wishing I lived in her part of the country! Have you ever had a bead party or independent showing (outside of a crafts fair or other public venue) How did it go? Would you do it again?

However, in my neck of the woods there's Maker Fair on May 30 - 31, volunteers needed. Via SoftFlexGirl.

Melissa at Strands posted her Art Bead Scene entry - what a beautiful piece. Her koi bead is perfectly complimented by the colors and beads in this necklace. On Wednesday she featured a Kate McKinnon piece she is the proud owner of. I would love to work in metal clay some many things I want to try, so little time.

Are you going to enter the Art Bead challenge? The prizes are beautiful beads from Mary Harding Jewelry, Chinook Jewelry and Humblebeads, which you can see at the Art Bead Scene blog.

Speaking of Humblebeads, check out her two Beadstar 2009 finalist enttries. Congratulations, Heather!

As hesitant as I am to toot my own horn here (you'll see what I mean when you read her post), I do need to note that Just A Tish has created a new blog recognition icon and award idea - do pass it along to those in the Beadosphere that inspire you.

Tish also responded to the latest Rings & Things goodie package a lot like I did - straight to the cell phone lariats - the pictures show exactly what clever things you can do with them - and you don't have to be an expert beader to make fun stuff (even though Tish is) for yourself and your friends. A shell, some buttons, a bead,or some chain, a couple of headpins and simple loops, and voilà!

The Artbeads "Blogging for Beads" bloggers (see the blogroll for the list) have been posting some of their work - I mentioned the Red Magma Swarovski disks I selected way back on April 10th - and today I see that Marcia at Mad Designs has posted about the beautiful bronze Alphabet Pendant she chose.

Lisa at A Bead A Day has shared great finds all week - earthy glass beads from Sedona, "mystery lanyards", fun daisy beads made into rings - you get the drift, be sure to read her blog every day for a new look at beads and beading *every day* and especially the featured designer - usually on Fridays.

Friday, Margot Potter shared some big news, a beautiful necklace, and pride in her wonderful daughter's acheivement at school as a Student Ambassador. I know there are days when she probably doesn't feel like it, but she's quite inspirational as a mom, a crafter and a strong female role model. As she likes to say "Craft on with your bad selves!" Great advice.

Here's a design inspiring post from Design*Sponge. The colors and asymetrical composition give me lots of ideas.

Do you read the comments when you visit blogs? It's a great place to find new blogs, new friends - start a conversation by visiting a new blog and saying where you heard about them - along with something nice about the post you're visiting, of course! I discovered Bead Sisterhood in the comments on A Bead A Day - lovely site and team blog.

By the way, I'm archiving all these posts on a new blog Dawno's Beadosphere. I'm not sure what I'll do other than archive these there, but it may have a future utility I haven't thought of yet.

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