Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Wanderings Around the Beadosphere

Usually I do this post on Saturday night and schedule it for 6am Pacific on Sunday. Last night I realized at about midnight that 1) I was still awake! and 2) I hadn't done my Weekly Wandering post. I decided to wait for the morning. I hope you didn't stop by earlier and get a disappointment!

Got your sail éille ready and your brogans laced up tight? Oh, the sail éille will only be needed as a walking stick - no need to worry about self-defense in the Beadosphere.

Lisa gave us another fabulous week of beads at A Bead A Day - all week she has been sharing the lovely beads she picked up at the Rings & Things bead show and on Friday her featured artist was Davinia of Deez News.

Tish was busy the earlier part of the week - Monday was her Beadin' Path design partner necklace mixes Lucite and metals and pearls and glass into one gorgeous design for fall. Tuesday was about Lapis, One of Wednesday's posts you'll really want to bookmark, it's an October bead show listing. But also on Wednesday she also shared her October Bead Trend magazine pieces and an ode to her retiring side nippers.

Davinia shares about the challenges of finding a hotel for her holiday get together and a new pair of grungeboard earrings and her delight at being the featured artist at A Bead A Day.

Check out this sneak peek at SmuTopia - love the color of the earrings in the first picture!

WillowWalker set some goals on Monday, posted a lushly photo filled post on Wednesday (I love that fireplace screen being used for a necklace display!) and put up a lovely piece on Thursday.

Barbe Saint John posts the Miniature Masterpiece necklace she made with her Artbeads Blogging For Beads selection, Mucha's Eveningstar reproduced on onyx.

Breaking news at - Step by Step beads is merging with Beadwork and registration is open for the inaugural Beading by the Bay retreat - to be held in March '10.

ErtheFae's Artbeads design features the new dragonfly pendant shape from Swarovski, lampworked glass, and Swarovski pearls in a beautiful - you guessed it - dragonfly necklace.

Ever want to make your own headpins? Over at Hint you can see how it's done.

There's a beautiful Rings & Things blog partner design to see at Humblebeads.

Wish you could visit Florence and bring home some beautiful glass beads? Well, Jolicious did and you can win some of her stash!

Stunningly lovely stamped polyclay design that reminds me of the broken china jewelry I've seen, over on Katie's Beading Blog

Margot Potter has been sharing free Halloween project ideas - this one is my favorite (for this week at least)

Pink Pooch Designs now has a Clint Eastwood bead mosaic bracelet pattern for sale - her work is so much fun! I wish I had the patience to do seed bead work like that.

Silver Parrot shows us the gorgeous and bold design she's created from her Rings & Things design goodies and, of course, her Friday "bead porn" post (totally suitable for all ages!) post is a feast for the eyes, as usual.

Melissa at Strands can finally share her Bead Arts 2009 award winning piece - congratulations, Melissa!

Lots of great posts over at SoftFlexGirl's blog last week, hard to pick just one, but how about pointing you to the Jamie Hogsett guest blog post and letting you wander from there?

Visit with guest designer Julie Zarate over at AlphaStamps

Artbeads shares a beautiful customer creation Japanese Lanterns

Dara's Weekly Beadditudes at The Beadin' Path is about naming your jewelry designs - something I constantly struggle with!

Fascinating responses to the Objects and Elements "Put Me in a Bezel" challenge - and it's a contest you can enter, see the rules and deadline at the "Put Me in a Bezel" link.

News Flash: Ornamentia a victim of a Random Act of Knitting!!

The Rings & Things blog is back! This week featured Citrine, Rudraksha, and a "bodacious" bike buckle.

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