Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Wanderings Around the Beadosphere

Welcome back! Or maybe it's welcome for the first time - either way, I'm glad you're here to tromp around with me in the wilds of the Beadosphere.

A Bead A Day
started off the week with a collection of beads that she focused on individually during the week. Blue glass "sticks", smooth round stones (look kind of agate-y to me), pearls that remind her of butter mints, and finally the big reveal - how all these beads came together in a splendid cuff bracelet inspired by a lovely hand-crafted card from a dear friend. Lisa, it's wonderful - thank you for taking us along through the process all week! And Happy Belated Birthday, too!

Just A Tish - wow, what a week you've had, Tish! I'm breathless just reading about it, I can't imagine trying to keep up with you in person! Two gorgeous stone necklaces on Monday, her Beadin' Path design partner beads on Tuesday, a bold and beautiful necklace inspired by a favorite song on Wednesday using blog partner beads from Artbeads, Sand and Sea necklace with Beadin' Path design partner beads on Thursday (have you needed to sit a spell and catch your breath, like me yet? *whew* she's been a whirlwind of creativity this week!), Friday she shows off an entire set of jewelry she had just made! (love the bracelet - you should do more!) and Saturday is about her new display pieces for her work that will be at Gifts With a Heart in Raleigh.

(I'd like to note here, in a bit of an aside, that I've neglected to mention that last Friday, Tish tapped me with a Kreativ Blogger award after receiving one herself from Gold Lily - thank you very, very, much, Tish, for your kind words! I'm so sorry it's taken me over a week to even mention it.)

Deez News Davinia shows off a lovely new necklace in bold beads and color plus fun with new tools!

Check out ErtheFae's Gothic Roots, Mythical Medusa necklace and a beaded setting for a fun fairy button pendant.

Jolicious talks about the polymer clay class she took - you simply must go look at the delightful beads and pendants she's made.

Over at Katie's Beading Blog she shows a darling "upcycled" necklace featuring a spinning brass 'love detector' from Ornamentia.

And at Margot Potter - The Impatient Crafter TM blog, have you been following Madge's Terrorific Tuesdays? Only one more left! Wednesday was a free how-to for a special 'in case of emergency' Halloween craft mixed media necklace. Saturday she shared that she'll be in Manhattan at Michael's signing books and hosting a 'make it, take it' - sure wish I could be there!

Lori at Pretty Things points us to a wonderful post by Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio and her give-away of some fabulous stuff in celebration of Easy Wire 2009 which has her beautiful bracelet on the cover. Be sure to visit both blogs and enter that contest!

Silver Parrot did a whole lotta catch up last weekend, shared a number of really lovely pieces (the daisy necklaces are had some questions about hammers, got answers and worried about oxidizing her hair. Now usually on Friday she posts some 'bead porn' and her posts ended Wednesday. I hope everything went well with her liver of sulphur experimentation!

SmuTopia finds herself in a treasury with a "Where's Waldo?" theme, shares her wish list and some home decor items in green.

Artbeads shows off one of their customer designs - and that customer is our very own Just A Tish! You can also download some inspirational screensavers/wallpaper for your computer.

Beadalon announces their YouTube channel and spreads a bit of wire wrapping mania.

Read a fun bracelet exchange story from Dara's Weekly Beadditudes at The Beadin' Path.

The wire work on the necklace Jeanette Blix shows on this post is so impressive - those double spiral links are perfectly done - I've tried that pattern and would love to be that good at it! Of course you'll love the darling nails and toes at the top of the post, too - no, I'm not explaining that, you'll have to go see for yourself. (This is posted under Supplier's Blogs as Jeanette is the proprietor of

See the last of the entries into the Objects and Elements "Put Me In a Bezel" contest.

Rings & Things asks "What are all those stacked up beads?", Kurt Madison talks about winning designs, Russ Nobbs explains 'trade beads' and Rings & Things is designated a Bicycle Friendly Business.

SoftFlexGirl does some Tool Talk, points to the October Spotlight articles on the SoftFlex site, and goes to New York for the Soft Flex Glass Art & Bead Festival.

Well, that's it for today. I keep adding new blogs to follow and trying to share interesting posts with you each week from each of them. Let me know if you think of ones I'm missing!

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