Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Wanderings Around the Beadosphere

Welcome back! Or maybe it's welcome for the first time - either way, I'm glad you're here to tromp around with me in the wilds of the Beadosphere.

A Bead A Day
started off the week with a collection of beads that she focused on individually during the week. Blue glass "sticks", smooth round stones (look kind of agate-y to me), pearls that remind her of butter mints, and finally the big reveal - how all these beads came together in a splendid cuff bracelet inspired by a lovely hand-crafted card from a dear friend. Lisa, it's wonderful - thank you for taking us along through the process all week! And Happy Belated Birthday, too!

Just A Tish - wow, what a week you've had, Tish! I'm breathless just reading about it, I can't imagine trying to keep up with you in person! Two gorgeous stone necklaces on Monday, her Beadin' Path design partner beads on Tuesday, a bold and beautiful necklace inspired by a favorite song on Wednesday using blog partner beads from Artbeads, Sand and Sea necklace with Beadin' Path design partner beads on Thursday (have you needed to sit a spell and catch your breath, like me yet? *whew* she's been a whirlwind of creativity this week!), Friday she shows off an entire set of jewelry she had just made! (love the bracelet - you should do more!) and Saturday is about her new display pieces for her work that will be at Gifts With a Heart in Raleigh.

(I'd like to note here, in a bit of an aside, that I've neglected to mention that last Friday, Tish tapped me with a Kreativ Blogger award after receiving one herself from Gold Lily - thank you very, very, much, Tish, for your kind words! I'm so sorry it's taken me over a week to even mention it.)

Deez News Davinia shows off a lovely new necklace in bold beads and color plus fun with new tools!

Check out ErtheFae's Gothic Roots, Mythical Medusa necklace and a beaded setting for a fun fairy button pendant.

Jolicious talks about the polymer clay class she took - you simply must go look at the delightful beads and pendants she's made.

Over at Katie's Beading Blog she shows a darling "upcycled" necklace featuring a spinning brass 'love detector' from Ornamentia.

And at Margot Potter - The Impatient Crafter TM blog, have you been following Madge's Terrorific Tuesdays? Only one more left! Wednesday was a free how-to for a special 'in case of emergency' Halloween craft mixed media necklace. Saturday she shared that she'll be in Manhattan at Michael's signing books and hosting a 'make it, take it' - sure wish I could be there!

Lori at Pretty Things points us to a wonderful post by Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio and her give-away of some fabulous stuff in celebration of Easy Wire 2009 which has her beautiful bracelet on the cover. Be sure to visit both blogs and enter that contest!

Silver Parrot did a whole lotta catch up last weekend, shared a number of really lovely pieces (the daisy necklaces are had some questions about hammers, got answers and worried about oxidizing her hair. Now usually on Friday she posts some 'bead porn' and her posts ended Wednesday. I hope everything went well with her liver of sulphur experimentation!

SmuTopia finds herself in a treasury with a "Where's Waldo?" theme, shares her wish list and some home decor items in green.

Artbeads shows off one of their customer designs - and that customer is our very own Just A Tish! You can also download some inspirational screensavers/wallpaper for your computer.

Beadalon announces their YouTube channel and spreads a bit of wire wrapping mania.

Read a fun bracelet exchange story from Dara's Weekly Beadditudes at The Beadin' Path.

The wire work on the necklace Jeanette Blix shows on this post is so impressive - those double spiral links are perfectly done - I've tried that pattern and would love to be that good at it! Of course you'll love the darling nails and toes at the top of the post, too - no, I'm not explaining that, you'll have to go see for yourself. (This is posted under Supplier's Blogs as Jeanette is the proprietor of

See the last of the entries into the Objects and Elements "Put Me In a Bezel" contest.

Rings & Things asks "What are all those stacked up beads?", Kurt Madison talks about winning designs, Russ Nobbs explains 'trade beads' and Rings & Things is designated a Bicycle Friendly Business.

SoftFlexGirl does some Tool Talk, points to the October Spotlight articles on the SoftFlex site, and goes to New York for the Soft Flex Glass Art & Bead Festival.

Well, that's it for today. I keep adding new blogs to follow and trying to share interesting posts with you each week from each of them. Let me know if you think of ones I'm missing!

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Wanderings Around the Beadosphere

Hilary's The Smitten Image blog has some of the loveliest photography on the web. Before I start the weekly Beadosphere tour, I simply *must* share the link to these pictures she took of two adorable raccoons named Sugar and Spike. If you enjoy beautiful outdoor settings, her pictures of the woods and lakes and wildlife (including a Jack Russel Terrier named Benny who is full of personality) in her part of Canada are not to be missed.

On Lisa's A Bead A Day blog she started off the week with some "calming matte stones" and finished it up by showing the Zen bracelet she made with them, as well as sharing some really great news! Don't forget to check out all the days between, as well.

Over at Just A Tish, our gal Tish got some lovely earrings from the Beading Daily earring exchange she participated in (I forgot to get mine into the exchange in time *pout*) and shows off the gorgeous design she created as a Beadin' Path design partner. In between there's a blog award (and I'll be posting about that in a day or two) and the story of Larimar stones to read about, too.

Davinia at Deez News takes us on a pictorial journey through the creation of a stunning necklace
plus shares some delightful new earring creations. (Davinia, you know you're responsible for me needing to go out and buy grungeboard and a Cropadile now, right?)

Melanie at Earthenwood Studios shows Russ Troll what she picked for her Rings & Things blog partner goodies - can't wait to see what she makes with the wooden charm connectors and Rudraksha beads (I think Russ Troll feels the same).

ErtheFae has a mixed metals/mixed media necklace and Mistress of Ghosts earrings to share this week, along with some stories about dancing you won't want to pass up.

If, like me, you don't know what frit is or does, check out this post from For the Love of Beads. She's also, and rightly so, excited about her work being shown in Bead Unique. If you're really adventurous, and have a husband who doesn't freak out at the thought of you working with open flame, (not that *I* know anyone like that) you can check out her tutorial on how to make glass tipped head pins.

Margot Potter is sharing tons of great Halloween crafts patterns and ideas - this Hooty Owl featuring vintage Lucite from The Beadin' Path is wonderfully cute and not at all scary!

I really enjoy reading Silver Parrot - her posts are always fun, almost always funny, and usually include gorgeous pictures. Take her first Tuesday post for example. Having lived in L.A. I got a laugh out of her "Storm Watch" comment. A half micron of rain and the TV news there acts like it's Noah's Flood. Then she shows her beautiful bracelet and earrings. Then later is a quick post "This Just In" that had me in stitches. I really miss L.A. Someday I really hope to move back, until then, I'll just keep looking for mentions at Silver Parrot. Oh, don't forget the rest of her posts - sunshiny bracelet and Friday Bead Porn.

Jessica at SmuTopia is getting ready to move into a new home (congratulations!) and is interested in hearing about how you set up your workspaces. See what's new from Smu on Thursday's post (I love that bracelet display!).

Read about the Alpha Stamps 5th Anniversary "Let Them Eat Cake" contest.

Artbeads posts about their Treasure Hunt contest and new bronze quote pendants.

Beadalon Blog shared two designs this week - crinkle wire is featured in this Lilies and Butterflies necklace, the Gold Swirl Eye by Fernando DaSilva is a bold necklace that would look lovely with any number of Fall outfits - and a free pattern is provided so you can have your own version.

Dara's Weekly Beadditude at The Beadin' Path is about her finding time to do more beading as a busy mom. I'm still considering whether or not I should take some stuff to work and make things in the break room at lunch time. It's tempting because not only would I get some extra work done, but I'd also probably get some interest in what I'm doing and be able to hand out some business cards.

Objects and Elements wants more entries in their "Hey, Put Me in a Bezel" contest. You've got until Tuesday to enter.

Rings & Things got some nifty bookmarks from A Bead A Day's Lisa promoting her new book (due out in Dec or Jan) and announces their new Swarovski "search by color" feature - yay! that's going to make life a lot easier, if you ask me. Just don't ask my bank account...

SoftFlexGirl has a full week, but I'm singling out the post on bib necklaces as featured in In Style for inspiration and her post about the NYC Glass Art and Bead Festival - I'm looking forward to seeing some pictures from there.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Wanderings Around the Beadosphere

Usually I do this post on Saturday night and schedule it for 6am Pacific on Sunday. Last night I realized at about midnight that 1) I was still awake! and 2) I hadn't done my Weekly Wandering post. I decided to wait for the morning. I hope you didn't stop by earlier and get a disappointment!

Got your sail éille ready and your brogans laced up tight? Oh, the sail éille will only be needed as a walking stick - no need to worry about self-defense in the Beadosphere.

Lisa gave us another fabulous week of beads at A Bead A Day - all week she has been sharing the lovely beads she picked up at the Rings & Things bead show and on Friday her featured artist was Davinia of Deez News.

Tish was busy the earlier part of the week - Monday was her Beadin' Path design partner necklace mixes Lucite and metals and pearls and glass into one gorgeous design for fall. Tuesday was about Lapis, One of Wednesday's posts you'll really want to bookmark, it's an October bead show listing. But also on Wednesday she also shared her October Bead Trend magazine pieces and an ode to her retiring side nippers.

Davinia shares about the challenges of finding a hotel for her holiday get together and a new pair of grungeboard earrings and her delight at being the featured artist at A Bead A Day.

Check out this sneak peek at SmuTopia - love the color of the earrings in the first picture!

WillowWalker set some goals on Monday, posted a lushly photo filled post on Wednesday (I love that fireplace screen being used for a necklace display!) and put up a lovely piece on Thursday.

Barbe Saint John posts the Miniature Masterpiece necklace she made with her Artbeads Blogging For Beads selection, Mucha's Eveningstar reproduced on onyx.

Breaking news at - Step by Step beads is merging with Beadwork and registration is open for the inaugural Beading by the Bay retreat - to be held in March '10.

ErtheFae's Artbeads design features the new dragonfly pendant shape from Swarovski, lampworked glass, and Swarovski pearls in a beautiful - you guessed it - dragonfly necklace.

Ever want to make your own headpins? Over at Hint you can see how it's done.

There's a beautiful Rings & Things blog partner design to see at Humblebeads.

Wish you could visit Florence and bring home some beautiful glass beads? Well, Jolicious did and you can win some of her stash!

Stunningly lovely stamped polyclay design that reminds me of the broken china jewelry I've seen, over on Katie's Beading Blog

Margot Potter has been sharing free Halloween project ideas - this one is my favorite (for this week at least)

Pink Pooch Designs now has a Clint Eastwood bead mosaic bracelet pattern for sale - her work is so much fun! I wish I had the patience to do seed bead work like that.

Silver Parrot shows us the gorgeous and bold design she's created from her Rings & Things design goodies and, of course, her Friday "bead porn" post (totally suitable for all ages!) post is a feast for the eyes, as usual.

Melissa at Strands can finally share her Bead Arts 2009 award winning piece - congratulations, Melissa!

Lots of great posts over at SoftFlexGirl's blog last week, hard to pick just one, but how about pointing you to the Jamie Hogsett guest blog post and letting you wander from there?

Visit with guest designer Julie Zarate over at AlphaStamps

Artbeads shares a beautiful customer creation Japanese Lanterns

Dara's Weekly Beadditudes at The Beadin' Path is about naming your jewelry designs - something I constantly struggle with!

Fascinating responses to the Objects and Elements "Put Me in a Bezel" challenge - and it's a contest you can enter, see the rules and deadline at the "Put Me in a Bezel" link.

News Flash: Ornamentia a victim of a Random Act of Knitting!!

The Rings & Things blog is back! This week featured Citrine, Rudraksha, and a "bodacious" bike buckle.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekly Wanderings Around the Beadosphere

Well, it's been a lovely weekend. The weather is really cooling off now. I may just have to wash up all my sweaters to freshen them from being stored all spring and summer, and put away my summer clothes. Also, added bonus, my daughter made a last minute decision to drive up and visit, so I've been enjoying having her around this weekend. I received a postcard from the Westercon63 team reminding me that in 2010 they'll be in Pasadena, California. I've submitted my name to the dealer's room coordinator in hopes I'll be able to get a space. If I do that and LosCon next year that's two southern California conventions. Add BayCon and maybe I'll find another local con, too. I'd like to do at least 4 shows next year.

Well, I assume you're anxious to get out and about the Beadosphere, so enough about me, let's get going...

I really recommend adding all the above blogs to your RSS reader, Google Reader, or where possible, Follow them via the Blogger Followers feature. Even though I don't have a handy widget on my blog (because I'm using my own template) you can follow me, too, if you have a Blogger account or a Google account. I'd love it if you would! I also have a new Facebook Fan page - it would be an honor to have you as a fan!

Do come back tomorrow, I'm posting a 'how to' on making what I think are really easy to make, but still quite pretty, gift/price tags and earring cards.

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